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Music cures all!

June 29, 2022

I can't be the only one that gets sucked into a slump around mid-week...Wednesday at 2pm to be exact.

As someone who works remotely, I understand the blessing of working from home, but I still hit a wall around mid-afternoons and I don't drink I struggle quite a bit.

So, what better to cure my mid-afternoon slump than music?!

I love music and I've been collecting vinyl records for a few years now. Something about physically getting up to pick a record, take it out of the album cover CAREFULLY, and gracefully and patiently placing it on the turntable excites me! What's even more exciting is turning on my record player, and placing the needle on the outermost part of the record to begin the transformative process of listening to music.

Music is one of the only things that has the ability to transform you to a happier place, a sadder place, or just a place where you remember hearing a song for the very first time.

Music is special. So, when I get to my mid-afternoon slump, I know there's only one remedy to get my productivity back up, and that is music.

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